Member Consultation 2020

20202 Member satisfaction survey results.
par Erick Le Renard, Pup Blueish, Tyr Mazrim, Bleiz Bénélus

Following the closing of the 2020 member satisfaction survey on Sunday, June 8, I compiled an analysis of the responses of the 25 respondents. Please note, although this is the end of the official survey, any feedback is welcome at any time. Also to be noted, out of the 25 respondents, 7 respondents chose not to publish their responses. They will therefore not be represented in the graphs, nor in an explicit answer but I will address their points.

Question: How satisfied are you with the group?


For the vast majority of voters, the note is between 4 and 5. I am very happy. This confirms that the group is going in the right direction I think. To this end, I have already mentioned it, I will mention it again, it is your group, or should I say, our, I am also a member. It is therefore important to ensure that the group follows a direction that suits its members.

Question: How satisfied are you with me as a community manager?


Thank you for this feedback, I appreciate that you appreciate my work. I strive to provide the community with tools to make the passion that drives us all more interesting. 😁

Question: At what level is your satisfaction towards me at the level of the moderation that I carry out on the group?


In my vision of things, I prefer to moderate as little as possible and let things moderate organically as much as possible. I believe that it can be beneficial to clarify and / or specify the regulations at the level of the user charter, this will be to be seen in the near future.

Question: What Region are you from?


I admit I have a little disappointment here. I created the group to serve the community across the province (as well as its frequent visitors). I would appreciate having feedback from more people outside Montreal your opinion is important to me. For the next year, greater collaboration with more regions will be part of my goal.

Question: How could the group evolve in the next year to better meet the needs of the community?

Several answers here, but a few points emerged:

  • workshops to train in different skills
  • multiple managers / moderators

These points come up later in the survey, so I'll come back to them later.

Question: [DURING COVID-19] - What type of activity would you like to participate in, or organize during the next year? (both online and physically).

Here the answers are more diverse

  • Picnics / hikes
  • Video game evenings
  • Movie nights
  • Workshops / Moshs online
  • Mosh online

And an answer made me smile 😉 "Realize Folsom Montreal" I don't know who indicated it, but I really like it. 😁

On the picnics side there is already an organization on this side on the part of Smokey Misfits, but I think there could be a benefit in making it a Facebook event so that everyone can know the schedule when the picnics take place.

For other events there is certainly interesting material to explore here. The Misfits family had a Discord server which Rush offered to convert for group use, if this is of interest to you, let us know your opinion. This could be useful for organizing online events.

Question: [AFTER COVID-19] - What type of activity would you like to participate in, or organize during the next year? (both online and physically).

Clearly there is a desire for action after the pandemic period. We find in the answers:

  • Party / cuddle party / clubbing
  • Evenings of board / social games in gear
  • Outdoor / sports / travel outings
  • Mosh evenings

First of all regarding mosh, WoofMtl already organizes Kink Academy evenings but I think there is room for other events here. - There had been some interest in more typical "mosh" (European) evenings that the Misfits family had started organizing in collaboration with WoofMtl, this could be an opportunity to take up this idea.

For social evenings in gear I really like the idea. I can help organize this evening. For the more party evenings, I am convinced that this will take place sooner or later, and that many will volunteer for the organization. 😏

Finally, regarding outings, it's a great idea and I'm preparing something along these lines this summer in collaboration with the Ottawa group via the collaboration of Bling Bushi (thank you!). The idea would be to take a trip north of Gatineau for a kayak activity in a beautiful area, more details to come! If you have other ideas feel free to suggest!

Question: What would you do differently for the group?

Very good ideas here:

  • Better reception of new
  • Have a group of easily identifiable "resource persons" who have good experience to guide
  • Workshops- Several managers / moderators

I really like the idea of a group of resource people. It could help in welcoming and monitoring newcomers. I will start an initiative in this direction shortly which will involve the group. More details to come soon.

Again a mention to other managers / moderators.

Question: What would you not like to change?

The answers are very similar here, the majority of the points revolve around two points:

  • group cohesion and open-mindedness
  • the good atmosphere

Some anglophone respondents mentioned the wish not to make an anglophone subgroup, to keep the group as bilingual as possible. It is my wish. I consider that the mixture of the two languages is beneficial for the group. It is sometimes difficult, but I really commit myself, if someone feels less included to let people know. I can stimulate the conversation in English if necessary, I would like everyone to consider the group as their second home.

Question: How do you think you can improve moderation on the group?

Here you have been very vocal about your answers. You mention being satisfied with moderation, but ask for more managers / moderators. And above all, during moderation, less hesitation and more standard actions (less biased).

Considering the growing number of the group, it now seems time to consider adding more people to create a team. I'm going to be frank, one reason why I haven't done this before is that I'm unsure of the best approach. I have observed that the best groups have a lighter moderation, but also I consider that the moderators must lead by example. In addition, there must be people who are minimum active in the group. A reflection will be made in the coming days, I invite you to send me your suggestions and an announcement will follow in this regard.

In conclusion

  • You asked for workshops, I will try to coordinate things along these lines;
  • There is an interest in more group cohesion in social activities, I love it! We will explore this in the following year!
  • If you have an idea of ​​an activity that interests you as a group, organize it! More diversity in organizations is a healthy group. If you hesitate on the organization, let us know, it will be my pleasure to help you organize all of this 😁 each contribution is important in the group!
  • The English-speaking community likes the bilingual aspect of the group but that causes some integration difficulties sometimes, I am uncertain on the best way to approach this, I would like feedback if you have any ideas 🙂
  • On the moderation side, we are going to work on a way of having a more neutral team and action standards; more details to come but I need your ideas on the best approach.
  • A team of resource people, the idea is just great, more details will come soon.
  • Better collaboration with members from different regions, I would like to be able to publish the events of Quebec and Sherbrooke for example and that the members of its regions are as visible as Montreal. 🙂
  • Would you like a discord server for online discussions? Would you use it? Facebook has a similar functionality with messenger rooms, it could be an option as well.

Public Survey Responses

Note, I have removed the name and location columns so as not to identify the survey respondents.